Values & Ethos

Our school is based on the teachings of our Lord and the Catholic church, fostering a special relationship between home, school, parish and community.

St Mary’s Primary School seeks to develop the full potential of every child, recognising the uniqueness of each individual. Our ‘REACH’ curriculum underpins all we do in school.

With the life of Christ as our example we will strive to achieve the highest standards through relationships based upon love and reconciliation.

All that is taught in our school leads us as a community to a knowledge and love of God.

Our school welcomes everyone to its family and upholds as paramount the importance and value of all.

The early Christians, our forebearers, discerned the work of Jesus in His Church in terms of a number of ministries or services to perform. These ministries (the 5 Ws) are as true and relevant today as they were then and are at the core of all we do.


How we welcome people into our school community, as the Lord welcomes us.


How we care for our school family and our brothers and sisters locally and globally.


How we reflect the teachings of the Bible through the way we live our lives.


Listening to, telling and being part of the story of Jesus Christ as the centre of everything in our School.


How we confidently and enthusiastically proclaim and explore our faith.