Online Safety

At St Mary’s we are currently thinking about how to keep our children safe when they use the internet.

The education of pupils in online safety/digital literacy is an essential part of the school’s online safety provision. Children and young people need the help and support of the school and from parents at home to recognise and avoid online safety risks and to also build their resilience.

If you wish to find out more about Online safety and how you too can support your child, please have a look at the links below:


Are you worried about something you have seen online?

Are you too embarrassed to speak to an adult or don’t know what to do next?

#BeSafe Report It!

Including your name with the report will help us to solve the problem more quickly and make sure you are safe, but you can keep this private if you want.

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Tips to Keep Your Child Safe Online

Tik Tok

PEGI Ratings

Parental Control for Android

Childnet International Parent and Carer hub

Online Radicalisation

Conversation Starters

Online Safety Advice


Limit Age Appropriate iPhone 


Back to school

Pokemon Go

Parental Conrols for Privacy iPhone

Wellbeing Tips

Limit Age Appropriate Android

Pokemon Go

National Online Safety

NSPCC PANTs resourses for parents