RE at home

In order to properly celebrate Jesus’ Resurrection, the central feast of Christianity, the Church sets aside 50 days of joyful celebration, so it important we continue to celebrate Easter in our schools and homes
Selection of activities for KS1 and 2 children

Activities suitable for KS2 children – learn about and make your own Paschal Candle or an activity based around The Way of the Light – fourteen events that walk us through the Resurrection of Christ and the events before Pentecost and focus on hope.
Selection of activities for KS1 and 2 children
Easter resourses
ACN Child’s Bible Project:

The ACN Child’s Bible Project can be run in school or at home. ACN have made every effort to provide wide range of activities requiring only the natural creativity of children and items easily accessible at home or in school. The ACN Child’s Bible Project links in very well with the God Who Speaks, and the project has the support of the Bishops’ Conferences of England and Wales and of Scotland.
KS1 BBC Bitesize RE
KS2 bitesize RE

What is Ramadan

Ramadan begins on Thursday 23rd April, use the link to find out about this special time.


Wednesday 22nd April is Earth day, find resources to support this on the home learning page.