Opening times

Our School Opening Times 

Schools should publish on their website their opening and closing times and the total time this amounts to in a typical week (for example 32.5 hours).


The compulsory times our school is open is from 8am until 4pm each day. 

Classroom doors will be open from 8.40am to allow for a staggered entry to school.  


The total compulsory time St Mary’s is open in a typical week is 32 hours and 5 minutes. This time runs from the official start of the school day (morning registration) to the official end of the compulsory school day. It includes breaks, but not optional before or after school activities.

The School Day
School Begins/registration
10.30am 10.45am
Snack Break KS1
11.15am Morning Break KS2
12.00 noon 1.15pm
Lunchtime KS1
12.30 pm 1.15pm
Lunchtime KS2
School finishes