After School Sports

The following Sports clubs will take place after school in Autumn 2 half term at 3.20-4.15pm:

Monday Dance Squad Mixed Mon 12th Sept Mon 21st Nov
Tuesday Basketball Y5/Y6 Tues 1st Nov Tues 13th Dec
Tue/Wed Messy Advent Reception Wed 16th, Tue 22nd, Wed 30th Nov & Wed 7th Dec
Wednesday Computing Cl 4 Wed 2nd Nov Wed 14th Dec
Thursday Art Y1/Y2 Thurs 4th Nov Thurs 8th Dec
Friday Dodgeball Y3/Y4 Fri 11th Nov Fri 9th Dec


N.B. Once your child has signed up for a sports club they must attend every session unless school is informed that they are unable to attend a particular session. If your child would like to attend a sports club, they will need to contact the school office even if they are attending After School Club